Encounters with Animals in Mount Pleasant Cemetery 

We weren’t early enough this past Saturday to see the larger animals that we often encounter in the cemetery, but we quite frequently see coyotes, and often deer in the park. The end of the cemetery park tapers off into a ravine, and being fairly sheltered, the ravine hosts packs of coyotes and herds of deer, as well as skulks of foxes, swarms of muskrats, and colonies of some of the smaller predators.

Coyotes and deer are keystone species, which are animals that play a unique role in how ecosystems function. Without keystone species, the ecosystem would be entirely different, or cease to exist, so they are therefore very important in the larger scheme of things.

White-tailed deer are considered a keystone species because they are important herbivores in their ecosystem, and they are prey for other species, although not often coyotes. Eating plants benefits the ecosystem by controlling the physical and biological habitat. As both herbivore and prey, white-tailed deer are important, and our forests and farmlands would be completely different if they weren’t around.

Coyotes are also a keystone species, in that they control various populations of other creatures by hunting them for food. Squirrels, in particular, are a favourite prey of coyotes, and the squirrel population in the cemetery is kept reasonably small by the coyotes, making it easier for smaller creatures who fill the same niche as squirrels, such as chipmunks and voles (both essential to the ecosystem) in check. Coyotes are also the apex predator species of the cemetery ecosystem.

All this to say, that ecosystems are fragile, and Mount Pleasant Cemetery is an important urban ecosystem for Toronto. The presence of deer, coyotes, foxes, squirrels, chipmunks and many birds, sometimes surprises us, and often makes our walks more interesting because of these sightings.

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  1. Do you find the coyotes more on the east side of mount pleasant? (From mount pleasant to bayview) we walk with our senior parents through there and would rather not encounter any.

    1. Thanks for reading our blog!
      The sightings of coyotes by Toronto Power Walkers have been on the west side (Yonge to Bayview) of the cemetery but we cannot be sure that they are only there.
      You could contact the cemetery administration to find out if they have had reports of coyotes on the east side.

  2. We just saw a *large* coyote on the west side-Yonge to Mt Pleasant, more near the Mt Pleasant entrance, just a 1.2 block east of the Massey family mausoleum-on Friday, 12/3/21 about 3:30 pm. He’s huge! Was glad my senior parents stayed in the car while we did a loop.

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