Eating Together!

In the olden days, pre-covid, we gathered for breakfast in a local spot that tolerated our large group, our idiosyncratic orders, and our rearranging of the tables.  There, walkers who were fast and walkers who were slow and walkers who couldn’t walk at the time shared our lives.  And not a single breakfast went by where I didn’t learn something.  Walkers who understood pop culture kept me up to date; walkers who understood science and technology educated me; walkers who saw the political landscape differently helped me understand their point of view (not necessarily changing mine.)  And in all of those walks and breakfasts there was never a disagreement that damaged the cohesiveness of the group.

So it was with immense joy that we learned that our favourite breakfast spot was opening early enough to accommodate us again.  There were a few changes – no more moving the furniture, the menu is slightly different.  The staff seemed glad to see us again.  The conversation continued! Another thing to be grateful for.

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