Early arrival of Spring?

I tried very hard not to write about the weather, but what a glorious weekend it was for any type of outdoor activity (ok, not swimming..).
We were ten walkers out in High Park and along the Lakeshore on Sat. It was glorious. Our numbers were lower than usual due to the ‘Chilly Half’ on Sunday and a few walkers were off on courses or elsewhere for the weekend. We were ‘few but mighty’. We welcomed Sherry back from the Olympics with great excitement. She has lots to tell, so chat with her about it when you see her.
We’re ten weeks away from Cleveland, it’s time to get serious now (as if you haven’t already). We are starting up Tues night interval trainings, see map on the sidebar.- 6:30pm at the pub, 6:35pm at the ‘mailbox’. Specifics about the weekly interval training are listed with the weekly distances. Print out the pace chart as well (from the blog), so you can see what pace you are training for. If you need a refresher, we’ll cover it on Tuesday before we start.
From a nutrition perspective, since you are now ‘in training’ (keep that in mind when you reach for the muffin…), you should make sure to get the right balance of carbs and protein. Your higher exercise levels demand more fuel in the form of carbohydrates. Protein is required to build and maintain muscle. Generally you should aim for 60%-65% calories from carbs, 15% to 20% from protein and 15% to 25% from fat. Don’t forget your fluid intake. Ensure that you drink enough to produce light coloured urine. I keep a water bottle at my desk all the time, sipping all day. It even helps to fill you up so you don’t eat too much.
See you on Tuesday for interval training, or Saturday at Mt Pleasant.

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