Divided we walked the distance anyway….

Saturday’s forecast was for rain and so the grand plan for a group trip to the Island was postponed until mid-October. The new plan was back to High Park unless there was thunder and lightening.

I awoke on Saturday to a downpour but listened in vain for any hint of thunder. ‘Darn,’ said my weaker self, as I dragged myself out of bed and off to the park, convinced that this was the time I would be all alone. I should have had greater faith in my stalwart fellow walkers. Sue, Lee, Laurel, Susan, Ela and I joined up to walk west and back for a little over 16K with Susan and Ela going on to complete 24K. And we only felt a drop or two of the threatened rain. Goes to show you.

Breakfast was inside this time. We all commented on how ‘upscale’ the Grenadier was becoming and speculated on whether there would come a time when they turned away our sweaty selves. However, on looking at the other morning customers, we realized that similar folk made up the majority so I think we are safe.

Now I have to confess that when our master planner Phyllis did not show, we muttered things like ‘fair-weather walker’ and ‘rain sissy’ under our breaths. We patted our own backs because we were obviously made of sterner stuff. Then we found out that she and James went to the island on Sunday to ‘scout it out’ for the rest of us. Our collective apologies for doubting you for even a moment. See James’ account below.

Later on Saturday I completed a fast 5K (40.46.1!!!), in a pair of my husband’s boxers, for the fundraising event The Underwear Affair which raised over $700,000 for research on cancers ‘below the waist’. A huge thanks for the support of my wonderful fellow Toronto Power Walkers. (Well done Diane – 16k in the morning AND a fast 5k in the afternoon)

I am off to France, so will see the gang next on the 15th and then it is the Island Half. How fast the summer has gone.

The Scouting Party – And That Time of Year (from James)

The scouting party, (Phyllis & James) went out to Toronto Island on Sunday. Overcast, with some dark clouds, and spitting rain. We watched the Island wake up from its slumber as we managed to squeeze in our 24 km by going twice around Centre Island, starting from Hanlon’s Point. This included a diversion off to Centerville Amusement Park for Phyllis and exploring the paths on Olympic Island.

By October, when the leaves have turned, the walk will be breathtaking!(and we’ll only walk half the distance!)

Reminder to those that wish it weren’t so: It is that time of year when we should move from thinking of fall clothing to actually wearing our fall uniforms (no more t-shirts, and shorts) by layering our clothing. (I think he’s saying that because he was cold while walking on the island! – says Phyllis who was more appropriately dressed!)

Walking this Week

It looks like perfect walking weather through the long weekend. We’re done with hills, so some of you can come out of hiding! Come out on Tuesday and/or Thursday. On Sat. of the long weekend some of us are going for the very long – 35k – walk….please come out and walk your distance with us, to help us keep going. The distance is always easier when you walk together.

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