Disney Race Report

Eight Toronto Power walkers travelled to Orlando this past weekend for the Disney Race weekend. We had an amazing time both on and off the course. We arrived with differing levels of training and experience.

 We all had one thing in common the desire and capacity to support each other, whether it was walking the distance on race day, or ensuring that we had healthy meals, transportation to the race start, and red Minnie ribbons for our shoes and ears.

Listening to each other was critical, whether it was about the purchase of pre-race fuel or our dislike of getting up before 4am ( yes 4am) on race day.  Our dinner conversations were animated especially the night of or before race days.   Our celebration dinner after the marathon was wonderful, each of us had much to say and were happy to end the race weekend with great memories of success and very few mishaps.

Susan returned to Disney to do the GOOFY and she did it will style, TPW Minnie style.
I walked with Susan in both races and she had a huge smile as she walked mile after mile. Congratulations Susan, dedication, perseverance pays off.  YOU are an inspiration.

Phyllis was our leader, on and off the course. Ensuring the team was supported and had what we needed. Her energy was infectious, unbelievable at times. It was fun to walk the 5 and 10k with her. There was no pressure, just the pleasure of walking the distance together knowing there was a great breakfast to follow. Congratulations on meeting the Dopey Challenge. Walking 78.3 over 4 days is amazing.  Being the TPW wardrobe mistress/ transportation specialist/logistics expert/procurer of chocolate was very much appreciated by the TPW Disney team.

Not only did Mary and Sherry complete their second marathon in Disney, they brought a TPW Cheer team to Orlando.  A few good men (Brian and Bill) cheered on the course with Ann Louise and at the finish. We all know how much it means to have someone you know cheer as you walk the course and be there at the finish.  Many thanks to our very special cheer team.

Ann Louise and Dianne did double duty on the weekend.

Ann Louise did the half marathon and has a lovely Donald Duck medal to take home. She also was chief cheerleader on Marathon Day. She coordinated the TPW Cheer team effort. Ann Louise was also instrumental in arranging  golf cart transportation along Buena Vista drive for Phyllis, Helen and Shirley on the way back from our post marathon dinner.

Dianne met Ann Louise,Phyllis, Susan and Helen as they completed their half marathon on Saturday. It was wonderful to see her at the finish. It was exciting to see her and know that she would complete her first marathon the next day.  Dianne led the TPW team as she finished first in our group finishing in 6:09. Very special congratulations on completing your first marathon “upright and smiling”.

Shirley did the half marathon distance enjoying the Disney race experience. I believe Shirley was the retail expert in our group. Congratulations on doing your distance with strong walking technique.

I did the Dopey, completing 78.3 km’s over 4 days. It was unbelievable, from the very early race start times, to the cabs and buses, the post race breakfasts, pre race dinners. All wonderful.

Thanks to TPW and especially Lee for the loot bag of “necessities” for our Disney race weekend. Each and everyone of us appreciated the gift and we loved the poem.

Thanks also to everyone who emailed messages of support and congratulations, we appreciated them.

One last thought, Collectively we walked 388.7 kilometers during the Disney races. This distance is more than the distance Toronto to Sudbury (365km) or Toronto to North Bay (330km) or round trip Toronto to London(350km).  Together we walk the unthinkable.

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