Did You Feel It?

Not the heat of last week, although it was oppressive.
Not the cool temperatures that greeted us on Saturday.
Not the sweltering humidity of Saturday morning.
And not the lovely breezes throughout the day on Saturday.

Yet it was all of these things. It was change.

While I was out walking I kept surprising myself by noticing the many changes along the way. I started out sluggish and damp, thinking I may not last an hour – but I was in the company of pleasant conversation. The sky was grey and I can’t say I was paying attention to my surroundings. Then I picked up energy and decided to forge out on my own for the long walk that was on the schedule. Hmmm, this may not be so bad. I ended up in a part of town I had never been in before but I’d always meant to. When I turned to return the sky cleared up and a lovely breeze picked up to cool my way. I’m sure I retraced my steps although I’m sure the distance was shorter – my knowledge of the route changed my time perspective. I began noticing the lakefront. The deep blue of the lake and the bright blue of the sky with only a smattering of clouds in the distance, nicely setting off the growing numbers of skulls and sailboats gracing the waters.

It occurred to me that in only 6 months time we will be walking in snow, bundled against the cold, but still walking and talking, encouraging and laughing. To think that in that short a time there will have been that much more change.

And as my energy started to wane I thought about the group (were they waiting for me at the restaurant?). I’ve mentioned before the wonderful support from all of you. What also  struck me was how much I appreciate our group’s ability to adapt to change. If it’s a good day we can push towards our goals, and if it’s not such a good day we can always adjust the distance and the pace and just be glad we’ve come out to face the day and join everyone for breakfast. When I started my walk I was sure it would be the latter, shorter distance and slower pace. And I accepted that as a good thing. When I felt better I changed my plans and accepted that as a good thing too. You’ve taught me that.

We face change every day. We can stay at home and hope it goes away, or we can get out and face the change the best way we can. We may have the energy to see the change through to the end, or we may only have the energy to make a little headway so we can come back another day and try again. So next time you’re faced with a change, remember your walking adventures and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

And, yes, there were smiling faces at the restaurant when I got back, happy to keep me company for my coffee and muffin!

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