On a rainy day at what point does one decide “I’m not walking today”?

Personally I hate starting my walk in the rain unless it’s a race, but once I’m walking it can rain all it likes and it doesn’t bother me.  I recall a walk in a downpour one year with Susan B. We made the best out of it by doing a bit of singing and dancing along the way.

Saturday’s promised rain potentially scared a couple of people as they were a no show at High Park.  The rest of us, a large crowd, were there to take in the fresh, cool morning air, some stretches, and a lovely walk eastbound, doing various distances.

Toronto is a large city and the walkers live in various parts of it.  Often when it rains in one area, other parts are very dry.

So when is the rain a deterrent not to walk?  It isn’t.  By the time we arrive in High Park the weather will most likely change, we do our walk, have breakfast and enjoy good company, as always.

See you next Saturday, rain or shine 🙂

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