COVID Sheroes

Many times, women of a certain age are seen (or rather, unseen) as no longer making a contribution to society. The TPW walkers know this is nonsense. This week alone, I have had the privilege of cheering on our “junior seniors” who became role models for the rest of us by being among the first to be vaccinated with the Astra-Zeneca inoculation against COVID-19. These are some of the same folks who for the past year have encouraged us to look on the bright side of lockdown. They have helped point out light at the end of the tunnel and have managed to stay cheerful and hopeful when others may not have felt the same way. We have walkers who make plans, baked goods, masks, and wry comments – all in as a way of keeping the rest of us going. My hat is off (largely because it is sunny and a bit warmer) to those special people who have made this very long year a lot less grim. You know who you are: Please give yourselves a big hug, because we are not yet safe enough to hug one another. But it won’t be long now!

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