Covid Life

Last year, this time, I’d have been writing about the first day of spring.  This year, I’m on my fifth day of isolation.  Last weekend I had my granddaughters here and I sat with them at their house on Monday.  As the pandemic situation became more clear, I decided to go into self-isolation, primarily because I wouldn’t want a health-care worker to have to decide who gets the ventilator – me and a younger person.  My version of isolation does include walks along the lake each day.  I have also been to the drug store to pick up some medication (and a bag of cat food I saw there.)

So far, it hasn’t been bad.  My social life is not face to face but it’s still active. Several hours a day are spent having coffee over voice or video, and responding to messages on facebook, whatsapp, facetime, and plain old text and email. I’ve been gratified to see how all of these media are filled with good wishes for those who are keeping the rest of us safe. And I get regular comforting messages from the supermarkets I use, assuring me I’ll always be able to eat (and buy toilet paper.)

My regular yoga instructor has posted classes on youtube.  I have found a grocery delivery that has the odd kind of kefir I like.  My cats are just going to have to learn to eat the cat food I can get.  I am finally reducing the size of my book pile.  I’m being more faithful in journalling.

I may not feel so upbeat in a month but, for now, this isn’t too bad!

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