I used to think that courage was a matter of doing scary stuff like bungee jumping or surfing fifty-foot waves. It isn’t. Those things are just some people’s idea of fun.

Courage, as I have learned from my amazing TPW friends, is turning to life, and living it. Several of our friends have found themselves without the partners they had planned to be with forever. With enormous bravery, they have left the comfort of homes they lived in for many years and moved into new and very different spaces. They have made all the awful decisions on their own (what do I do with ugly electric light fixtures? How do I reduce the amount of furniture I am used to having? How do I stay in my current home, but turn it into a place I can live in the way I want to live?)

Some have found the courage to join new and unusual groups of people (Like L. who is a member of a gang of night-riding bicyclists who ride and dance until the wee hours!)

Some have stayed beside ill or ageing friends or family members until the very end, or until they know what comes next. They have had the courage to be there.

On this beautiful day in August, when the sun is shining and the weather is glorious, I send my heartfelt thanks to all the members of TPW who have taught me so much about real courage and who are continuing to be there for each other – and for me.

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