Congratulations to all who raced in Iceland!

Looking strong at the start of the race!
Jo Anne, Mary, Philippa, Ann Louise, Linda, Susan and Shirley represented TPW on Saturday and I am excited to hear about their experiences.  Congrats to Lee Scott as well. Many of us have been coached by Lee and continue to be amazed by her racing.

Back in Toronto, TPW’ers walked their distances Saturday morning from High Park. Rorie and Danielle started at 7am and we’re happy to join 8am walkers for post walk breakfast.

I checked in with Michael to see how his 35k walk went.  He responded that “the weather was beastly”, Dianne joined him on route for part of his walk. Both did long distances.  In fact Michael did 37km not 35km. In any weather that’s mental toughness as well as physical.

As others recover from their weekend races, others continue to train for the fall races: Montreal, Toronto‚Äôs Scotia Waterfront and New York.  Are there any races I missed?

I walked a short, slow distance Saturday, more of a stroll. Monday I am walking my distance (35km) in preparation for Montreal and I hope the weather is not beastly and that I finish upfront and happy.

Have a wonderful week! Walk your distance!

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