Confessions of a Fitbit Walker

Ottawa was drizzling rain. Fourteen years ago I would have hailed a taxi and got off at my destination but not this time. Why ? The answer was simple. My Fitbit told me I was behind two thousand steps. I knew that if I wanted to reach my weekend goal I would have to walk in the rain, so I walked in the rain. 
When a member of the TPW introduced the Fitbit into my life it never and I mean never occurred to me that I would allow this device to dictate what I do with my time. Now it buzzes me ten minutes before the hour and I get up and stretch. Other times I start moving because the buzz reminds me I have been sitting at the computer too long. 
I tell you. I truly tell you. I am turning into a Fitbitten (chuckle or not) walker. There the confession is made. Acceptance is, after all, the first part of recovery (smile). 

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