What do I write about this week?  After considering a few topics, I chose Community.

I volunteered at the Toronto Waterfront 10k on Saturday and that is where experience a great sense of community. TPW was well represented and our walking friends the Shorethings were there too!  WOW was there as expected.  My friend Sandrea was there. I think she enjoyed the camaraderie of walkers in the corral. She is training for the first time after her half marathon more than 10 years ago.

I am happy to introduce her to the walking community. Rainer (Shorethings) was telling Sandrea about the Caven race, with amazing food. Butter tarts post race- sounds amazing !
Helen Battersby (Shorethings) remarked about my plan to do the marathon in Montreal in September.
I was surprised she knew that but very happy to know there will Shorethings walkers in Montreal with our TPW group.
On the course I met Susan, a marathoner I met in 2007 who ran many marathons and now a power walker. It was great to see her on the course. I saw TPW’ers heading to the finish line on the Lakeshore – they looked strong and happy. 
I also saw TPW’ers  Rorie, Ann-Louise, Lee and Danielle enjoying the water misters on the course as they headed back to High Park after their 7am start. They looked amazing ! I also saw WOW walkers on course, I didn’t see Lee or Greg or Phyllis or Michael – I think they would have been a blur their pace was so fast !
On the course I communicated with the race staff by radio and when they rode by on bikes by a wave or hello! Being a Canada Running Series volunteer means I belong to another community. It gives me greater appreciation of the race events I do and it’s an opportunity to give back.
At the party site, I watched as the last participant arrived. He is a runner in the 75+ category and I learned from Shirley he began his marathon career at 60. I loved that !  Yes, some of us started earlier, many around our 50th birthdays.  I was surprised after finishing when he headed to the Sportstats tent to check his finish time.
I hope when I am in my 70’s I am still out there “walking the distance” and interested in my time.
I also belong to a community of walkers that while not part of TPW are my walking family – women I started walking with back in 2005 with Jeans Marines. Their continued presence in my life is important to me.
I am grateful to be a part of the “walking” community and especially TPW.

Enjoy the week ahead and walk your distance!

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