Cold Day in March

It was a cold day this past Saturday as Cheryl, Diane, Lynn, Sue C., Susan B. and myself started out at Mount Pleasant.  Thankfully, we were all warmly dressed and prepared. Also thankfully, it was not windy or slippery, so although the air was frosty, we were able to maintain good posture and stability. 

We did one and one-half strong loops, a distance of 8.34k in 1 hour and 17 minutes, at a pace of 9.18. Along the way we saw some little snowdrops shyly peeking forth, and felt much encouraged that Spring is almost here!  

At breakfast we were joined by Lee and Carol and the conversation focused on past and upcoming events. Susan B. enjoyed Burlington, Lee spoke about Big Sur on the horizon, and Carol discussed the upcoming adventure to the Nahani. Also on deck was Bob and Jean’s heli-hiking trip each August. 

Our breakfast conversations are so reminiscent of a lazy river, relaxed and wandering, but actually flowing with purpose. We drift along, between this subject and that, unworried and unhurried, and it is not until afterward that I realize how much practical and purposeful information has actually been exchanged!  

Update from Sunday group:
In stark contrast to Saturday morning, despite the change in clocks, Sherry, Susan S., Lee, Phillipa, Bev, Catherine and Phyllis gathered at the cemetery at 8:30 for what was to be a 24k walk for most. The walkers  not training for Big Sur, petered out by the beginning of the third circle of the cemetery.  The weather was cool to start, but before long we were unzipping and then removing layers of clothing. Can you believe its mid March?

Next Sunday is a taper walk (only 13k) for the Big Sur walkers as they head to Hamilton on March 25th for the 30k Around the Bay race. Come walk on Sunday with them, this time you can ALL have brunch together!

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