Fifteen dedicated women braved the cold on Saturday morning to keep up our maintenance training.  It was great to see Deb out again – we’ve missed you!
Having returned late the night before from Las Vegas, I thought several times about giving the walk a miss but turning up for breakfast (well-known to be my favourite part of the walk).  However, as we all know, we feel great when we’re finished and the route’s always a lot shorter than we think as we don our gear and leave home.  Good friends, good conversation, lots of laughs, a bit of moaning (that would be me)…and it’s over!  Rorie and Bev started on their second loop of the cemetery as our group finished its single loop around the perimeter. 
After some hasty stretches, we were off to the restaurant for breakfast and lots of discussion about our upcoming races.  The Pittsburgh teams are being juggled because a couple of participants are finding they won’t be able to attend.   
Susan B joined us for breakfast and updated us on her injured ankle.  She will continue to write the blog from the perspective of a sidelined athlete.  We also heard this week from Rosemarie who’s not going to be back with us for some time.  We wish them both a speedy recovery. 
The ‘Tuesday Night Keeners’ are generally out in force on Tuesday night – see sidebar for details.  See you next week!

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