Clear and Crisp

What a lovely clear day it was on Saturday. Clear and crisp. With the emphasis on crisp. Geez, it was in the very low single digits. Brrr. Well, I guess I shouldn’t complain too much as I suspect this is just a very mild taste of what’s to come.
It was great seeing many faces I’ve not seen for some time, and some brand new faces. As usual there was lots of discussion this week, especially after the U.S. election and everyone using the T-word. It was nice to see, despite the looming apocalypse south of the border, there was still lots of laughter.
And now, as the light is becoming a rare quantity, it’s time to take it a little easier and let the excesses of summer be healed. No, that doesn’t mean hibernate, no matter how much that cozy bed sings it siren song of sleep. The quiet paths of Mt. Pleasant cemetery also call, but to build strength for what lies ahead. That’s right – Christmas – with lights and music and shopping and presents and food and drink and food! 
Happy trails all! See you on Saturday next.

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