Chills and thrills

Today I went with my granddaughters and their mom and dad to the Santa Claus parade.  I’m not a particularly sentimental person but there was a tear in my eye when Santa spoke about having missed us all for the past few years and how much he loved us.  My youngest granddaughter (demonstrating the likelihood of turning into a skeptic) informed me that it wasn’t the real Santa and provided a few reasons. I realized that this child has never sat on Santa’s knee and has only encountered him on a screen. It gave me a chill!

This coming Tuesday, TPW will hold its fall dinner after missing the last two. I am so looking forward to a chance to be with “the group.”  I am one of the slowest walkers in the group and this dinner is a time when I hear about the lives of the leading walkers. It gives me a thrill of expectation!

Covid is still out there but the miracle of vaccines and at-home testing has allowed us to expand our horizons almost back to our previous lives.  I’m holding a dinner party for 10 people next weekend after almost 3 years of no entertaining.  I’m thrilled to be able to do it but a bit chilled as I relearn how to get all the food hot on the table at the same time.

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