Cherry Blossoms in High Park

This past Saturday it was exciting to be in High Park where the lovely Sakura Cherry Trees are blossoming in full splendour. These lovely pink blooms are indigenous to Japan where the Japanese celebrate the annual festival of Sakura Hanami (cherry blossom viewing), a tradition rooted as far back as third century CE. The magic of the Sakura was obvious on Saturday as families and couples scattered themselves across Hillside Gardens for picnics and photographs under the gently flowering pink canopies.
We began our TPW day at Rorie’s car receiving back newly embroidered clothing from Stitchy Lizard. My black jacket looked great with its new white TPW logo and it was obvious others were just as thrilled. Well, done, Rorie! Then over the Grenadier restaurant for a group picture. After that one short circuit to enjoy the Sakura Cherry Blossoms and we were off!
We travelled down to the Lakeshore, and then turned quickly east toward the Musical Gardens (14 of us in total). It was perfect walking weather, cool but not cold, breezy but not windy. Four of us reached our goal of 14K – my personal longest walk so far – and the first time this year for the others! Well done, Diane, Sue and Sue! Other TPW members did not go quite so far. Some had to return for other appointments, such as race-walking training, and therefore we did not all have breakfast together. Nevertheless, it was a magical and energetic day of accomplishments, and a pleasure to celebrate Spring at last!
Reminder: Tuesday training with Lee Scott of WOW is at the Mt Pleasant Cemetery.  We’re starting at 6:20pm, so we can get our cars out before they lock the gates at 8pm. Please print and complete waiver sent via email. 
Saturday –  most of TPW will NOT be at the Cemetery due to races on Sunday in Pittsburgh and Toronto.  

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