Cherry Blossoms at High Park

I woke up this morning feeling particularly good and that was even before I looked out on the beauty of the day. My mood was partly because I was anticipating our first walk in High Park after the long, chilly winter. But, driving across Bloor, I realized that mostly it was one of those blessed moments when I was just glad to be alive. The world was bursting out with spring – the trees were flaunting their new leaves in every shade of green; the sky was clean, clear blue and the air was soft and warm with just a hint of morning cool.
Arriving at the park, my joy was tempered somewhat by the hordes out to see the cherry blossoms. However, once I found a parking spot and joined my beloved walking gang, I was back in my groove. Lee led us on a route through the best of the blossoms. And the best were astoundingly gorgeous. The trees made me think of exuberant brides proudly sharing their special moment in the sun.
The walk west to the gazebo was full of the sights and sounds I have missed over the winter – rowers, swimming dogs, bikers, chirping birds, toddling children, elegant roller skaters, preening swans.  A feast for the senses.
Back at the Grenadier over breakfast, I savoured the pleasure of enjoying the ‘now’ and wondered why it is so hard to maintain. Apparently in Japanese culture the cherry blossom is a symbol of the ephemeral nature of life, because its blossoms are so beautiful but only last a short time. Everyone out in the park today was drinking in the beauty of the moment – we know it won’t last but we also know it will come again. That’s a thought I am going to try and hold onto.

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