Check and Buy

Driving to my mother’s yesterday we saw a truck overturned.  No one, from what we were told, was hurt. While eating at a truck stop we were told, by the cook, that his drive into work earlier was behind a snow plough. According to him, it was the only way to travel because the snow was blinding. All my husband and I saw was the sunlight to my mother’s place and returning from her home. Without a doubt it was a 48 hours period of extreme weather conditions.
So why do I bring this up?  I bring it up not only to support what Linda wrote about last weekend but to say that if climate conditions can flip a truck, it can flip one of us. This is an obvious statement; one that we lived this winter. What has the extreme climate change in 48 hours have to do with us walking; especially since we already have lived the experience? Well I will tell you what it has to do with us. Check and buy. Check and buy? Yes, check and buy.
 There is a possibility that some of us do not have traks( for those of you who are new, traks are what you put on your sneakers and they enable you to walk in icy conditions )  and some of us do have traks but have not examined them  to see that they are still in good condition .  It is my opinion that this will not be the only winter that will be like the one described last week by Linda and other bloggers so find out where the sales are and buy those traxs and if the sale is really good e mail Phyllis and she will let us know.
 Check and buy .

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