Chatter in Nature

We walked along the waterfront. A dragonfly accompanied us part of the way. The sun peeked in and out of the clouds until it decided to stay with us.  Water was seen in places that use to contain dry land.  One slight detour occurred because of the water’s  presence in a most unlikely place. 

A TPW member from long ago showed up and walked with us. We quickly caught up with the news of where she had been and what she had been doing for the last few years. Chatter flowed in and out of our members;  we stepped to its beat. The listener and the teller sometimes being indistinguishable. 

Kilometers marked in single digits moved into double digits while the chatter continued to take on the form of a pace bunny.
I am not clear on how mother nature is intending to balance itself. I am not clear on how many more detours will be erected along the waterfront to accommodate the water. I am not clear on whether dragonflies will continue to accompany us. I am not clear whether the sun will be able to shine for longer periods of time without the clouds covering it.  I am sure that TPW members will continue to chatter. I am sure that there will be times that the chatter will be our pace bunny. I am sure that whether walking with returning or ongoing members we – as a collective  – will remain engaged with whoever we are walking with.  Chatter in nature while walking the distance with excellent company. Hooray for TPW.    

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