My professional life has been spent helping organizations and individuals manage during times of change.  So you’d think I’d be good at it.  But, when it was suggested that we walk west instead of east on the Lakeshore, I found myself resisting internally.  I like that eastern walk.  I know every milestone and can tell exactly how far I’ve walked at any time.  Walking west meant I’d never really know how far I still had to go.

Of course, the walk turned out to be enchanting.  The geese and swans were noisily demanding attention.  Lilacs and tulips bloomed in abundance.  Crossing the Humber reminds me of how our city relies on the 4 great rivers that run through it.  I’ll try to remember that the next time someone suggests a new way of doing anything.

The usual thoughtful conversations of the folks I walked with also reflected change.  I heard about how retired people felt as they faced the world without the shield of their profession, how one person was feeling as she made the transition from working in a very small organization to a very large one, how another was living through changes in her personal life.  As I listened, I realized that there is no “settled.?  The world is a fluid place and living means changing.


Six TPW members did the Wellington Women’s Race – Sue, Laurel, Barb, Lee, Rosemary and me -emerging with wonderful glass necklaces as our reward. We were blessed with the best weather possible. A couple of us even got a bit burned because we forgot that all important sunscreen. Sue, Laurel and I had the great pleasure of staying with Barb and husband, Rob, in their wonderful new Picton home.  It is to die for. Next year we want to go in force and rent a house so think about signing up now!! Huge thanks to Barb and Rob and to Dave for his patience and his pictures.

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