Change is in the air!

Can it be that after such a winter, spring is, albeit tentatively, starting to arrive?  We’ve heard the birds chirping for a couple of weeks now but the weather has still been cold, ice has been underfoot and a raw, damp wind blowing.  Finally, on Saturday, it began to feel like the worst might be over, though the wind could still take one’s breath away and snow flakes fell at least twice during the morning. 

A hardy group of walkers gathered to walk once around the cemetery and some (those brave souls in training) to walk twice around.  But instead of heading off to the pub for breakfast, we gathered the food and drink we had organized and set off for Barb D’s for a goodbye brunch to wish them well as she and Rob prepare to leave the city for Picton. 

It was a lovely opportunity to say we’ll miss them.  Though not for long – some of us are going to the Women’s Half (and Quarter!) at the end of May and others hope to go to the marathon held there in the fall.

And change really is in the air.  While some of us have been talking about the “next steps” in our lives in a very abstract way; perhaps we should be selling our houses, perhaps we should be moving to different or smaller spaces,  It would be a profound transition, just as profound as it was many years ago when we were leaving home.  But change, just like the seasons, is the stuff of life.  Scary but good.

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