Celebrating women – and treats!

International  Women’s Day was on Monday but I think, given that women are over 50% of the population, that we can extend the celebration a bit longer, eh? In that spirit, I give a big shout out to my Toronto Power Walker friends. We are mostly female with, currently, one staunch male walker and ally (more are welcomed).

I find, the older I get, the more I rely on the companionship, compassion and comfort of my women friends and family. Oddly enough, I think it is the same for my husband, who seems to have drawn even closer to his sisters as time marches on.

So, for all the challenges of being a woman in this world, I count myself very lucky. Hooray for all you wonderful women out there – give yourselves a big hug from me!

And some terrific news, with the loosening of the lock-down, our Courtyard Social Convenor has announced that we are resuming our Saturday morning, post-walking treats. That is definitely worth celebrating!

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