Celebrating green…

My theme for this blog is the colour green.

We were sipping our beverages of choice sitting in the church park after our Saturday walk, chatting and unwinding  in the beauty of our surroundings.  One of my fellow walkers drew my attention to the myriad of shades of green that were represented in  just this  little oasis in the middle of the busy city. We both agreed that, although green wasn’t our favourite colour in decor and clothes, we loved it in the natural  world – from the lemony green of new growth to the dark, dusty green of the fir trees.

Realizing that just looking was refreshing me, I decided to explore a bit further. Turns out that green effects you physically. It calms and reduces stress while – oddly – also invigorating you. We associate green with nature and growth (duh) and, by extension, vitality, freshness, health and youthfulness. It would seem that ‘forest bathing’ owes much to the positive impact of green!

A reminder to all that CS is hosting the annual pool party on Sat., July 16 starting at 10:30 – please respond to the email/Doodle poll that PS has sent to all if you are planning to come. Some of us will be walking at the cemetery that morning and leaving from there.

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