Celebrating Canada and us!

In celebration of our quite wonderful country (which looks better and better given the shenanigans in other parts of the world) I have used its name as the inspiration for this week’s blog.
C  is for Carpe Diem (credit to Linda) and what a fantastic Diem it was to Carpe.  Sunshine with a steady breeze off the lake. We brunched at the restaurant on the water and it was like being on the Med  (see Rorie’s photo). It really was a morning to savour in the moment and treasure afterwards.

A is for Active – something we have all committed to being. And, even when it requires pure grit to make yourself do it, doesn’t it feel grand?
N is for  Nature. Walking really gets you up close and personal with Mother N. This morning’s highlight for me was the white flags of geese bums flipping up out of the water as they nibbled on something delicious below. Rude but delightful!
A is for Affection.  I love the definition  – ‘a gentle feeling of fondness or liking’ and that is what I feel both for the group and the individuals within it. You make me feel all warm and fuzzy.
D is for Determinationsomething each of us displays in their own way. Determination to stick to it, to come back to it, to go faster, to just get out and keep moving despite all the other things that call to us in our busy lives.
A  What again? I am wracking my brain here. How about A is for Amazing because I think the fact that we are still here, that new people join regularly, that we do interesting things together and that we support and nurture each other is just that.
So hooray for CANADA and hooray for us all.

Take note for your calendars that we will be going to the island on July 16 (to avoid the Indy Race) and Rorie’s famous pool party is scheduled for August 13. Stay tuned for details.

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