There is something to be said about obtaining a massage before a race and another massage after the race.

There is something to be said about being in a 10K race of runners and as a walker (back of the pack) being greeted by friendly staff along the route, having easy to read signs regarding directions and water stations staying open for those of us at the back of the pack.

The food (yes, I said food) was fresh and nutritious.

There is something to be said about getting individualized race results on my email within an hour of finishing the race.

What is to be said? This is what I have to say. Well done Toronto Carnival Run. I felt welcomed, and I enjoyed walking the distance with you.  I recommend this race.


Stranger Than Fiction

On Wednesday I visited my mother in Ottawa. The weather conditions -for someone like myself who had  lived on the coast of Labrador- were expected winter conditions.
The Ottawa train’s arrival time was a little bit late. Coming back from Ottawa, the Toronto arrival time stretched passed the expected evening time and dipped into the following morning.  
Slightly after midnight I emailed my boss to inform him that an announcement had just been made to say that the train would be arriving in Toronto at one thirty am. Of course, when I arrived in Toronto there was no subway access, so I took a taxi. On route going home the taxi driver’s  car got a flat tire .I got home around two thirty or so Thursday  morning.
That same Thursday (late) and the following day Friday I went to work. Saturday morning I got up at the usual time to take the streetcar to meet up with the TPWs. I went to the washroom. I then listened to my body that was begging for sleep and I returned to bed and slept.
There you have it. My reason for not walking with the TPWs on Saturday.
Sometimes truth is just so much stranger than fiction.

XL, XXL and Beyond

Nineteen of us gathered for the walk. We munched on Catherine’s delicious short bread cookies before doing our  warm up stretches (led by Diane). The weather was cool and gratefully without rain.
After our walk, sixteen gathered for breakfast . Per usual, our conversations were stimulating. We spoke about meeting at the Resolution Run (Palais Royale 1601 Lake Shore Blvd W, December 30th, 2018  @9 am )  and the idea of ordering race clothing  in XL, XXL sizes. Did you just gasp when reading this part? Let me explain the background to this conversation and the purpose.
For those of you who are new, we gather in January or February to renew our membership and discuss further races. It is during this time that we place clothing we do not want and have acquired at the races onto a table for exchange purposes. What ever is left over is given to charity.  The clothing consist mostly of medium sizes.
There is a member of our community who is associated with people who – because of the side effect of the medication they are required to take  – balloon up into the XL, XXL and beyond clothing size range. They are individuals who would like to race but whose financial situation forces them to spend money mostly on meeting their basic need.  
Over the years I have acquired all sorts of jackets and tops, I simply do not need any more. I have now penned on my 2019 To Do list that all clothing I acquire from 2019 races will be ordered in XL, XXL and beyond (if they have it) sizes and then I will place them on the table for exchange and charity purposes.  
So for 2019 the question is posed :   XL, XXL and beyond anyone ?

A View from the Back of the Pack

Twenty-two people walked around the cemetery; all of us TPWs. It was cool and without rain.
I was at the back of the pack.  My ongoing saga of recovering from a virus I will not bore you with, except to say it was great walking the distance with someone.
Fading at one loop around cemetery, I went for breakfast. When those who went around the loop twice entered the restaurant, they were energized and the room full of conversations.
One of the TPWs accompanied me at the back of the pack. We reached back into our histories of about fourteen plus years and exchanged conversations about our very first marathon. When I was at the restaurant a very new member joined me and I disclosed to her information regarding our history and training.
That’s the beauty about this group. There is always something to contribute, to learn, to reminisce. This is true whether in front, middle or the back of the pack.


Cold and rain are not a good combination for my body . There is something about it that bothers my bones BUT  dressing  appropriately does  minimize  the negative impact.
Starting the fifth week of my body having what  has been a very  nasty virus, I decided not to bundle up  and walk on Saturday. I remained home.
Finally feeling  as though my body is on the mend I am  glad I made that decision. If it had been sunny I think I could have finally joined in.
What is comforting  to know is  that I can , after five weeks,  just walk right back in .
I am well aware that  after weeks of not doing 10 Ks  during the weekend and 10,000 daily steps during  the week, my body will protest. At least I think it will. I do not think –  in the 15 years I have been walking the distance –  I have missed so may scheduled walks.
Within the four full weeks of the illness it has been comforting for me to know that there are TPWs out there walking the distance. If I let my mind wander, I can hear the chatter and the soft sound of the sneakers hitting the ground.  
I hear that five TPWs recently walked the distance in the cold and rain  .
I want to thank you for keeping the torch burning.
It means a lot.

Fall Has Stepped on Stage

It was the first day of fall and cool. The day before was the last day of summer and hot. Such a drastic change within a forty eight hour span of time. Then out of the blue, someone commented on how the summer presented herself in full glory on the final day of her performance and then autumn stepped on stage and took over. 
At that precise moment I saw the light glistening on the water, swans and ducks swimming , waves patting the shore and all just seemed incredibly   right with the world. The conversation moved onto other subjects and  the beauty of where we were remained for a little while.  
Come walk the distance with us, fall has stepped on stage. 

How Perfect Can A Morning Be

It was a sunny day. A slight cool whiff of what is soon to come was present in the air but it was still a day where the summer wrapped itself around you. We decided to walk east , to pick up some peaches from the market. Off we went. The chatting was endless as it usually is.
On route we met one of our walkers that had been out since 06:30 that morning. We heard that other’s were also out and about. Then , of course, there is that hardy bunch that still meets  at the cemetery at 08:30.
The waterfront met us and seagulls flew around.
How perfect can a morning be? How perfect can a morning be?

Long Johns in June

It is a rare thing for us to shorten our distance because of the rain. It was also very sensible given the climate .
Not permitting a chill to set in is all about self care. Rain and coolness are a deadly combination for my body.
I for one was a bit shocked that the weather – for my body – required two layers and I was still cool and yes I had on rain gear.  Who would think that such conditions would exist in June .
It had me wondering whether I should restrain myself from putting my long johns into the winter draw. Bit exaggerated I agree . Still…


This Saturday was the beginning of the heat entering into the Saturday walks. Last Saturday it rained and we were  soaked to the bone. There was a chill last Saturday that kind of lingered around. There was no chill on Saturday.
Soon, very soon, Phyllis will be sending out an email stating that the heat has become too unbearable and we are to start an hour earlier. It is a fantastic solution except for those of us who have other commitments on Friday night or just like to sleep in later. So some of us continue to meet at 8:30am and all sorts of creative arrangements are made where the earlier group loops in with the 8:30am group.
I have to say, I  love heat  I absolutely love heat but when the heat approaches 30 C I cannot – in comfort, train in it. Truth be told, it rarely approaches 30 C ( wink ).

A Beautiful Day

I looked down the path to see the sun peeking through the trees. The wonderment of it all struck me with such a force that I felt my body deeply inhale. 

My experience of this winter is that it was a grey winter . It was a winter in which I largely felt that  the sun was content playing  hide and go seek with the clouds. 
How wonderful to be walking on such a day today. 
Spring has risen  and it is truly a beautiful day .