Awesome TPW


TPW members are awesome.  Many walk regardless of weather.  They are out there witnessing the changes of seasons, commenting on what they observe as they move through the city scape.

I read this article in the Fall that talked about Awe walking and thought this is us.  We freely share our views with photos and wonderfully crafted remarks.

These observations remind us that Covid anxiety should not stop us from moving forward. We continue to enjoy our favourite pastime of meeting and walking together or separately.

May 2022 be our year to get back to in-person races (if that is your thing), and keep on stepping out exploring new places.

I have included a link to the article that inspired me in seeing how amazing we are!

.Awe Walking: How Cultivating Awe on Your Daily Stroll Can Boost Your Mental Health – Everything Zoomer

Virtual Challenges


Some indulged and others did not see the point.  Virtual challenges this year have been a great way to keep myself active.  Some of us were attracted by the fabulous medals and interesting routes.  I recently signed up to do the Six Continents Challenge.  Comes with a magnetic map for you to display the continents as you earn them.  So cool.  Also plan on doing the TTC Challenge again this year.  Going to do it with a small group and actually walk the subway line routes.  It will be an adventure. Also, some cool swag.

Several friends who previously walked as little as possible have gotten into it as well.  As we age the best indicator of health is our mobility.  Activity is what will keep us moving into our 80s and beyond.  Look at Hazel McCallum who turned 100 this year.

The biggest win is keeping our community thriving and having cool race stories to share.  Hope to see you out there soon.


September!  It is seen by many as a start of the new year with school and lovely Fall harvests. For others it is the end of Summer and approaching Autumn, followed by Winter.  For me September is my birth month and being a bit of a nerd, it was the excitement of a new school year.
This year is different for all of us. Many of us have adapted to changes by signing up and training for virtual fall races.  Training has been quiet and introspective. I am doing weight and strength training online, as well as Zumba classes. Zooming (or something similar) has become the way of reaching out.
As we move forward our community of walkers have not slowed down. We continue to connect and encourage others to reach for their goals whatever they may be.  We can all give thanks for our friendships and support.