A Perfect Saturday Morning


On a perfect Saturday morning some of our group met at Diane’s and walked to the Brickworks – and from there into the ravine.  It was a good change from our now usual Cemetery walk, and it was topped off by a pleasant meandering through the market at the Brickworks and special treats to end the walk.  It was yet another reminder of the treasures in our city and how lucky we are to be able to enjoy not only the shade in the ravine itself but of course, the great company.  Lots to catch up on as we all start to venture farther afield in our travels both locally and afar.

Inspired by this latest adventure we talked about replicating this walk, perhaps parking at the Brickworks itself before heading out.  This would enable us to buy more items at the market to take home!  More to come on that possibility.  And next week, Saturday Aug 6, we’ll be meeting at the Cemetery as usual, at 8:30 a.m.

Dates to note

Saturday June 4

  • We are going back to our earlier start with the warmer weather and longer distances. So, we will meet at the cemetery at 8:30 a.m.
  • After our walk we will gather at Barb’s Courtyard for a BBQ breakfast! I’ll bet you can’t wait. Please bring your own coffee/beverage. We will be cooking scrambled eggs, sausage and have croissants to try to replicate our well loved cooked breakfasts of years past. All plates and utensils will be supplied (thanks to Carol.) Can you please let Barb know – by Wed June 1 – if you’ll be attending this breakfast so we have a sense of numbers?

Saturday June 11

  • We will be going to High Park for our morning walk. More details to follow (re: parking, etc.) but the reward will be having breakfast at the Grenadier Café like “the old days!” ‘

Saturday July 16

  • Also, while you have your calendar out – note the pool party at Catherine’s house on Sat July 16, after our walk in the cemetery.

And isn’t it great that so many of us are travelling again! Lots of stories to share of long awaited trips and celebrations.

The Joy of Hope

As I dragged myself out of my warm bed this morning, bracing for the cold – (even Spirit did not bother leaving his cozy bed, one eye open, with the look of “what are you thinking?” then going back to sleep). Then, digging out my clothes wondering if I’d be warm enough in 3 pairs of pants, 4 tops, a balaclava and hat – oh and the ubiquitous mask. And who else is crazy enough to walk in the cemetery this frigid morning?

Well it turns out there were 14 crazy people, all bundled up so much it was hard to recognize each other, with our talented fitness leader trying valiantly to corral this unruly bunch, but we were already laughing and making jokes in the comfort of familiarity that blankets this wonderful group. And we were even able to enjoy coffee outside in the church park, after our brisk walk.

Last Sunday I listened to Guy Vanderhaeghe being interviewed on CBC, talking about his latest book “August Into Winter” (which I have not yet read) but he said something that resonated with me, in relation to the darkness that many of us are struggling with. He talked about “the joy of hope”, and I’ve decided that is going to be my mantra for 2022.

It’s easy to get swallowed up in this never ending pandemic, as it seems to take more energy each day to stare down. And we do need to find joy in our hope. And how important it is to continue to make plans: London? Banff? Trips? There’s a measure of control in making plans, being hopeful that they will come to fruition, with the sense of purpose in putting all the pieces together. And the shared sense of excitement when we work through those plans with others.

Which brings me to my other mantra for this year. It is “the joy of connection”. How lucky I/we are to be able to live through these very challenging days knowing we have each other for support, to share our worries, our fears, our losses………and also to be able to laugh and have fun. Thank you.

On a housekeeping note, the group decided that given the winter weather, we will meet in the cemetery at 9 a.m. on Saturdays, starting next week, Jan 15, until April. We can look forward to staying in our warm beds just a bit longer.