It was at the mention of a turkey that my ears perked up. Turkey? Oh yes, turkey.
You see we were sitting around eating breakfast (those of us who had done the one loop around the cemetery) and someone mentioned that they had to put a turkey in the oven shortly because of an upcoming gathering at her home.
Why my ears perked up at that time I really do not know. The conversation regarding the various types of bustling involved in this particular season flowed from most people during the walk.
Maybe my ears did not perk up on the walk regarding the various types of bustling because my focus was on whether or not to wear my rain gear. Taking it off and on annoyed me.
Maybe it had to do with my focus on the 8 am group joining the 8:30 group and my happiness at seeing all 14 of us walking together. Later another person joined us for the walk and another person at the restaurant. Maybe all of this distracted me.
For whatever reason the statement about the turkey (obviously it had to be food) did it. So here is my two cents worth. Get out and walk during this bustling season. Do not end up, after this bustling period is over, with the possibility of being  …..  

B – bitter,
U – upset,
S – stressed,
T – tired,
L – lethargic,
I –  ill,
N – noddy, and
G – grieving (1 pound, 2 pound etc.).

Carve (I know, I know – pretty sad play on words) out the time for yourself. Make room for yourself in this bustling time and walk with us.  For those of you who are in recovery, sneak away from the bustling and join us for breakfast; we love seeing you. 

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