Burning calories in advance

It was the morning of Christmas Eve.  It was cold, and a little overcast.  Who would take time out of their busy schedule to do an 13 km walk?  The Toronto Power Walkers, that’s who. 

I expected a diminished crowd, but as I turned into the cemetery, there they were…the whole gang.  Everyone was dressed for the weather and raring to go.  One walker was dressed in festive red and white with a candy-cane adorning her bosom.  It was a lovely day.  The usual chatter, and laughter and joy. 

What a wonderful way to begin any weekend.  What a wonderful way to burn off those “party calories”.  As usual the experience lifted my spirit and got me into the Christmas spirit. 

Merry Christmas to our Christian members and all the best for the holiday season to everyone else, and Happy New Year to All.

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