The hardest thing about doing any exercise first thing in the morning is getting out of bed. I find it even harder to wake up when it’s cold outside.  Saturday was such a day. Having promised to pick up Mary I had to keep my promise. 

Now, what to wear?  We always say that there is no such thing as bad weather only bad gear. I’ve been walking now for few years and one would think I had it all figured out.  Not me.  I know what to wear for the -25 and +25 weather but somehow I always have difficulty with the in-between.  I changed three times before finally leaving home only to find out it was much colder in High Park than anticipated.  I wonder how many other walkers bring a stash of warm clothes and secretly keep them in their cars, just in case.

So there we were, two Toronto Power Walkers, wearing mostly JeansMarines outfits trying to race walk as taught by the Ontario Race Walking Association.  A bit comical and it almost worked except that I have not yet mastered the basics and thus could not walk fast enough to keep warm.  We decided on the Harry’s 8k route and after 3 km stopped for wardrobe adjustment. It was that hot.

I don’t know about you but I don’t think I will never master the proper “gear”.

Note: April 2nd is Harry’s Spring Run-Off at High Park. Come to cheer some of your fellow TPW’s at 10am.  Some of us will also be there as volunteers.  Spring is not far behind! 

Come out this Tuesday….join the Tuesday night keeners who have been walking all winter.  It’s light out, no excuses.  See info on the sidebar on the right.

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