Brrrrrr. Still chilled from Saturday’s training???

I thought I would write about training in the winter and then I thought no, Saturday was about success.

Success in power walking comes in many forms. It is getting out the door ready to walk on a cold Saturday morning when the weather is going to challenge us.  It is doing 20K in the cold and then doing another 9 on the treadmill. It is knowing the best you can do for yourself is staying home and taking care of yourself when you have an injury or illness. Success is finishing your first walk upright and smiling after an extended absence from training.  Success is knowing that good training includes rest and recovery.  Walking the distance is success no matter how far or fast. Success is supporting each other as we train for races or fitness. Success is learning from each other. Success is attracting new members to train with us.
As a group we embody all types of success each and every week.  May we continue to build on our success as we move into year 6.


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