Brilliant Sunshine Saturday Morning

Saturday morning the sun was remarkably bright. When I arrived a large group of TPW’ers were listening to Phyllis explain the  morning’s 19k route. Knowing my distance for the day was 16 not 19 added to my happiness about training with the group.  Walking at the back of the pack I watched as the group walked up and down the hills of High Park with good technique and enthusiasm. There were one or two walkers who commented on the Zoo Park hill being tough but only when they had reached the top.

We stopped as a group to have our picture taken at the lakeshore before we headed east.  It was a lovely morning, the sunshine on the lake, how quickly the distance was covered. Our training for upcoming races is going well. Congrats to everyone! Training is the journey, the race the celebration.

Next weekend is for celebration: Midsummer Night is Saturday evening, many of us will be celebrating that they can sleep in Saturday morning, many are doing the race. Cheerleaders are welcome. Sunday is our annual pool party at Rorie’s. We all know how much fun that is.

One final comment for the record, Diane walked more than the required 19k distance and has banked the additional distance for future use. So when she turns back earlier on a long walk you know why.

Have a great week one step at a time!

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