Breaking a sweat…

Laurel recently sent around a link to a program that highlighted the benefits of high intensity workouts of relatively short duration. As I am into the ‘once around the cemetery and then to breakfast’ time of year, I decided to embrace this theory on Saturday. I increased my pace from the relatively relaxed amble that I have been inclined to over the past month to a brisk, sweat-producing push. It felt good (particularly when I had finished). I think I will try and keep it up until the spring when we increase distances. I will be interested to see if it helps me maintain better shape over the winter.

A couple of comments – our wonderful marathoners-in-training are continuing to cover very long distances in preparation for Disney in January – you go walkers! And newbies, you might want to consider investing in something like yaktrax (thingies you put on over your shoe that help in slippery weather). They keep the cemetery pretty well plowed but it can get treacherous under foot and we don’t want any accidents.

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