Blustery Winter Day

It was a cold blustery morning this past Saturday. Within minutes 8 others arrived and we were on our way!  The wind whipped up our hoods and tried to tear through our layers. Thankfully we were appropriately attired and therefore protected. Part-way through we met up with the hardy 8:00 group. After our walk, feeling a sense of accomplishment, we travelled south down Yonge to the “Jester? where we have been having breakfast these last few weeks, only to be informed that they were opening late due to being busy the night before. With disappointment, we tried to come up with another plan. The Jester is right beside the location where Passione was, our regular breakfast place for years. The Passione location has been renovated and is now The Artisan Bakery (cafe). We decided to give it a try. The decor is lovely, including cushioned walls, chandeliers, light wooden floors, and porcelain cow milk creamers on each table.   Artisan is a self-ordering cafe so we approached the long clear-glass counter under which was an array of inviting, enticing baked goods such as chocolate croissants, croissants, and more.

A couple of us kept scanning the blackboard menu, hoping the words “bacon and eggs? would suddenly appear, but alas this did not happen. After a brief discussion about whether we are in a “routine? or a “rut? regarding needing bacon and eggs, and after scanning the menu one last time, we bravely moved on and ordered Quiche. This took awhile to come, but was made up for when the server approached us offering refills of coffee. When we left, two staff members (I think one was the manager) came forward to chat, and each opened one of the outer doors for us. It was kind of nice!  If I can ever force myself to forego bacon and eggs another day, I’ll go there again!  We all went on our way after, as always, a great chat about various subjects.
Watch for a separate e-mail regarding the Resolution Run, and our annual breakfast meeting!

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