Blogging from the sidelines

About a month ago, after a long walk, I started to feel some stress in my left foot that escalated to pain over the next two weeks. Finally went to the foot specialist and got it diagnosed. I have a stress fracture in a previously unacknowledged little bone on the top of my left foot and (to add insult to injury) a dropped metatarsal (some other bone along the ball of the foot). The cure, for the fracture, is time (about 6 weeks in total) and not over-using my foot and, for the metatarsal, a new set of orthotics. No biggie in the scheme of things but not being able to walk has made me very aware of how much I rely on being able to do so. And how much I love it.

The ‘why’ of my injury seems to be (and I hate this) ‘age’ but I suspect that I should have changed my shoes earlier. So two lessons learned – change your shoes regularly and do not try to walk through the kind of pain that is your body’s way of saying ‘go to the doctor’.

I have been looking for the silver lining and come up with three things – I am being forced to use my right side (apparently my weaker side) more; I have time to go to Pilates; and, I confess, sleeping in on Saturday isn’t all that bad. Oh, and I have new empathy for everyone battling with injuries. Susan, Bev, Linda, Carol and Rorie – take care of yourselves.

But I miss my Walkers! I joined the gang for breakfast on Saturday. Most seem to have done about 16K (seems like an unbelievable distance from the perspective of having problems hobbling a block). The breakfast was delicious even though I hadn’t earned it and the conversation as warm and embracing as always.

Tuesdays we are training at the Reservoir (south on Yonge from St Clair. ) doing intensity training, and eating nearby on Yonge Street.

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