Blissful Saturday morning

The Indy makes the Lakeshore loud and smelly one weekend every summer so, traditionally, we have moved our meeting place to the ferry docks and our walk to the Island.  The ferry departure times split us into early birds and slightly-less-early birds.  Sue and Diane caught the 7:30 ferry and another five of us caught the 8AM. 
The ride to the island is part of the charm of the ritual.  This morning it was enhanced by a tee shirt sighting making fun of our notorious mayor.  Those of us on the 8AM had to go to Centre Island as a Tim Hortons’ picnic had commandeered the Ward Island boat.  We begged for coffee as they passed but, alas, it wasn’t ready.
Otherwise, we all agreed, the walk could not have been better – cooler than usual for July and slightly overcast.  Of course, Toronto Parks have made the gardens a delight.  After a perfectly perfect walk to Hanlon’s Point and then to Ward, we stopped for breakfast.  Mary and Sherri had to catch an early ferry and requested a review of the waffles.  I can report that the advertised vanilla was used to flavor the waffle, not the yogurt, but the result, I was told, was delicious.  (I had the burrito – also good.)

We were all back on the mainland by 11 – virtuous, with most of the day ahead.

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