Bleu, Bleu, le monde est bleu.

I am very susceptible to ear worms.  I almost always have one playing a sound track to my day.  This Saturday morning, the sad French song “Bleu, Bleu” was in my head.  But only the opening lines.  Why?  I certainly wasn’t feeling sad.  The sun was shining.  I didn’t need a coat!  Most of the bikes were off the Martin Goodman Trail because the eastbound lanes of the Lakeshore were closed to cars for bikes to use.  There were lots of families out but it was still easy to social  distance.  It was a grand morning for a nice long walk.

Then I realized I was responding to colour.  The sky was cobalt; the lake was azure.  And not just shades of blue, all colours.  At my feet were yards of happy dandelion yellow against fresh new-grass green.  The trees are still lacy with their tender new chartreuse leaves.  And the blush pink magnolia on my route is still in full bloom

And to top off a brilliant walk, I ran into 2 other TPW folk, social distancing down the boardwalk in the opposite direction for a total of 16 kilometers!   We stopped to chat.  It almost felt normal!

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  1. Nice
    I walked 3k to visit 2 friends. We had a social distance tea in their backyard. It was nice to sit and chat for a few hours 😊. It felt almost normal.
    Enjoyed the walk back looking at the flowers starting to poke out.
    Look forward to more social interaction soon

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