Best laid plans and wishes for the New Year…

Let’s admit it – planning in the time of COVID is really just sort of hoping.

You may remember that, in my last blog a month ago, we were planning a TPW Resolution Run and breakfast on Jan. 8 and our winter business meeting and social on Jan. 29th. Well, given the rising infection rate, both of these are now on hold until the spring (and that, of course, is hoping vs planning so stay tuned).  Until we know more, we will continue our regular Saturday walking schedule at the cemetery with outdoor tea and coffee when the weather allows.

As we say goodbye to 2021, I want to acknowledge that the group has experienced personal loss and sorrow over the past year as well as the joy of new unions and new life.

I want to wish everyone the very best for 2022 and to offer thanks for all of you wonderful people – your support, kindness, sharing and occasional silliness have made this endless pandemic bearable.  I don’t make resolutions but will do my best to carry on the best of our traditions throughout the new year. Happy, healthy New Year!

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