Before and After the New Year Descends

We had quite a turnout last Saturday 
One of our TPW members distributed her homemade shortbread cookies. Having indulged the night before I did manage to restrain myself from having any but oh my it was close. I remembered the flavor of her cookies from past years and the saliva in my mouth was out in full force. 
As I joined various groups on the walk I noticed the usual variety of conversations. Conversations which focused on the care of elderly parents soon entered into conversations of grandchildren. Conversations about financial advice soon entered into business advice and on and on the range of topics went. 
To say that we are inclusive of diverse groups is a complete but polite understatement. 
At the end of the walk hugs and season’s greetings occurred. A few of us went for breakfast
We will continue to walk the distance before and after the New Year descends. 
Come and join us. There are so many of us to walk with.  Shortbread cookies await. 

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