Can you hear the chatter? Even taking a photo we can’t stop talking…

Clouds, without rain, followed our walk and the sun shone for our breakfast. What a day! Wards Island was beautiful.
15 of us came out for our Wards Island walk. We met at the dock, took the ferry across and enjoyed the scenic view. Unlike the various shades of white (see last weeks’ picture) our outfits this week varied in colour.  Like the majority of our walks, the chatter of our conversations filled the air. So many topics were addressed , collectively , in our  conversations  it would be impossible to list all of them here, so I will not mention any of them . It is enough to say that even returning from Wards Island to Toronto we were still chattering away.
It struck me coming to Wards Island on the ferry that the smaller Toronto appeared, the more a vacation feeling entered into me. The reverse was also true. The smaller Wards Island appeared (while taking the ferry back to Toronto) the more the vacation feeling left me. The feeling that did stay with me was the relaxation I felt in my body somewhere around the 4 to 5 K. mark.  I have always loved that relaxation overflow feeling which occurs after a good walk.
It was a beautiful walk on a beautiful island with beautiful people and a beautiful ….well you get the idea…. It was beautiful .

Thank you to all the organizers. 

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