Beautiful morning for a 35K walk

Phyllis, Rorie, Dianne and I completed the longest training distance for Chicago Marathon today.  So we know now we can do it.  I say that a BIG smile.  Today was lovely with support from Sue A, Lee, Ela and her sister Mary meeting up with us at 7am. 
Special thank you to Catherine and other 8am walkers for showing up to walk and when they didn’t find us, checking in. (Sorry our route changed and we did not communicate with the 8am folks). James also met us on the route and walked to the 17.5km turnaround and back to Jarvis with us (that was about 20km for a person who isn’t training for anything)
A very nice surprise was having Fiona on the route supporting us. Her car was stocked with bananas, peaches, pretzels and water. While the fuel and hydration was appreciated the best part was her smile as we approached.  It reminded me of others who provided support in the past to those of us training for marathons and it is very much appreciated.

I hope to be out there with fuel and encouragement next year. I am NOT registering for a marathon in 2015.  It is in writing now.  4 Marathons in 18 months is enough for me.
That is what is great with our group, we can walk our distance and achieve more than we think possible
What is possible changes throughout the year, what is constant is the power of our group!
So next week TPW’ers are heading to Ottawa to do the Army Half. Have a great race and finish upright and smiling!  Good Luck, Bonne Chance from your teammates walking their distance in Toronto.
For those of you who walked Saturday ….my admiration for sticking to the Saturday schedule and braving elements.

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