Beating the February blahs

I had had one of those weeks, tough and tiring, and Saturday started with one of those mornings. The alarm woke me mid-dream and I lay, warm under the duvet, the orange cat curled at my knees, the grey one purring in my ear and my husband gently snoring beside me. I had every reason in the world to just stay there.
But I didn’t. I got up, got into my gear, got on the subway and emerged at St. Clair. The sky was February-grey and the weather dank and dreary. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a raven had quothed ‘nevermore’ at me. I approached the cemetery gates thinking that this would be the day no one else would show.
How wrong I was. Waiting for me was my wonderful, walking tribe. We were out in strength – Phyllis, Lynn, Susan, Sue, Carol, Lee, James, Rorie, Suzanne, Mary, Linda, Deb (have I missed anyone..). The group was chatting, grousing, joking around and dancing to ward off the morning chill. My mood immediately improved.
Some stuck to the training schedule for their races and set out to do the distance. Some of us (okay I was one of the slackers but I was THERE) decided that once around was enough. So once around we did and then, rallied by the cajoling of a few, went a bit further to finish 8K+. And I felt good about it.
Breakfast was, as always, delicious. Good food (any food is after walking in the cold), good company and good chat.
The moral – when you least feel like it, just get out and do something. You won’t regret it.
A reminder: please RSVP to if you are planning to join us for our next social on March 2 at Harbord House. We need to advise them of numbers.

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