Be Active

There are many ways to be active. Some people enjoy group sports such as curling, baseball, or hockey. Some enjoy more solitary sports such as being at the gym, or swimming. It doesn’t really matter which sport or activity we choose, as long as we get out there and do it.
The great thing about walking is that it can be done either as a group or as a solitary activity. When walking with others we chat, laugh and motivate each other to keep going. When walking alone, we often find ourselves receiving clarity on a problem we have been facing. Moving the body often results in “cleaning out the cobwebs? as a fellow TPW’er said the other day, and that surely is true, for me anyway.  So a toast to walking and those of us who do it week after week, motivating ourselves to get out of bed and get moving while others sleep in!
And don’t forget our winter brunch at Diane’s on Sunday February 3rd.
See you there!

(Addendum from Phyllis)
Good luck to our Maui racers pictured above as they set off for their last long walk before their race next weekend.  We look forward to hearing about their adventures at the abovementioned brunch.

We had an amazing turnout of walkers at 8am and 8:30am this Saturday.  At least 10 walkers in each of the timeslots. Perhaps it was the morning temperature of +7 degrees, and the forecast of +13 for the day. Whatever the reason it was nice to see everyone out. Whether you are training for a race or not, come out!  The beauty of our winter location is that once around the Mt Pleasant Cemetery is only 6.3k, and everyone can find someone walking at their pace. We always loop back to pick up the stragglers.  I’ve noticed that whenever we ‘loop’, I find someone new to walk with and talk to. Its a great way to get to know others.

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