Back to school…

That is always how I think of September regardless of how long I have been out of school.  Mind you, Saturday was still full-on summer weather but there have been hints of cool since. I love the fall but it is a bittersweet kind of love knowing what comes next.

But enough of that – there is lots to look forward to, including an upcoming trip to Calgary/Banff for the Melissa race that a group of us are doing. Huge thanks to our wonderful organizers, B and R,  who have thought of everything, including pre-testing the 10K hill (conclusion – we can all do it, no probs!).

I confess I haven’t trained all that hard this summer but that is okay. We all have to judge our own energy level at any given time and remember,  just getting out is a win.  As we have all read in many studies, the combination of exercise and congenial company is what helps keep us healthy both physically and mentally.

Enjoy the long weekend and keep walking your own distance!

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