Back home at High Park…

Where does the time go, eh? We are back at High Parkfor the longer distances we undertake over the summer. There was a good turnout considering we are back to an 8:00am start (with 7:00am to come when the weather gets hotter and daylight hours longer). 

Sue, Laurel and I did 18K for the first time this season and it felt good. This first time back, I found myself really looking at the passing parade along the waterfront. Dogs and skaters and bikers and runners and babies and rowers and ducks and swans and flowers and trees … a visual feast.  Our city really does have some gorgeous spots and it is one of the joys of walking to see them up close and personal.

Just a reminder to anyone who is new (or just forgetful!) that we need both water and fuel as we go further. Some swear by gels, some sports drinks, some bars, some nuts and dried fruit – whatever your particular favourite, you need to start carrying it.
Congrats to Phyllis, Bev, Susan, Lorna, Catherine and Helen who did the Toronto Marathon in some amazing times.
Toronto Half Marathon race report, plus more
Despite being almost the last ones to cross the start line (long lineups for bathrooms), we more than made up for it as we walked strong, passing other walkers and slow runners. The day was gorgeous –sunny and cool for most of the way. By the end we were seeking the shade of buildings and underpasses and the cooler breeze by the lake when we finished at Ontario Place.

It’s always a great race, you can’t beat walking down Yonge Street!  We all finished within 15 minutes of each other!

Looking forward to walking, down Yonge Street again, with many other TPWs this weekend at the Sporting Life 10k. We’re in the last corral. Don’t forget to wear your TPW gear, including hat.

Please be sure you are in touch with Sue about joining us for brunch after the race. Family and friends are welcome, as long as we know they are coming.

Don’t forget about our TPW dinner on Monday (the day after the race) May 14th at 6:30pm at Harbord House, our very generous sponsor. RSVP to Sue about that as well.

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