Back at High Park…

We couldn’t have had a better day to start back at our spring/summer/fall home base – finally sunshine and warmth. There was a good crowd out and we chatted our way east to the washrooms and back. Lovely to have breakfast out on the patio – the service line-up was as inefficient as always but it gave us all a chance to explore in our minds how we would redesign it (if only the world would consult the Toronto Power Walkers on all things it would run much more smoothly!).
Great to see some old friends we hadn’t seen all winter – get well Mary and Ela.
Remember that next week is the Sporting Life race (pray the weather is as nice). Many of those doing the race on Sunday won’t be out on Saturday but I am sure a few hearty walkers will be there. The High Park Cherry Blossom watch is predicting that the peak bloom will be around the 7th to the 9th so be alerted that the park may be very busy (and very beautiful) next week.

Welcome spring – we have really missed you.

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