Baby its cold outside!

Despite Saturday’s -36C  with the wind chill factor, 9 TPW’ers walked in Mt Pleasant Cemetery. Some chose a short route and others did the routine 2 loops around. Michael did the full 2 loops. 

I was with the group who did less. We enjoyed our coffee and tea in the warmth of Tim Horton’s.  The question of the morning was what do you wear to keep warm outside in -36.  There is no definitive answer, some wore boots, extra socks, multiple layers and in some cases 3 layers of glove (you know who you are).  Congrats to everyone who braved the freezing cold and wind Saturday.  When you do it next year you will know what to wear or choose to stay inside.  My guess is you will be out there in the cold. 

To those who chose to not to walk. Good for you !!!!  I hope you had a wonderful Saturday morning.
The Brave TPWs

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