Are we crazy or what?

On Saturday morning at 7am, 12+ intrepid walkers began their walk around High Park en route to distances ranging between 13.5k and 27k. We thought that the weather forecaster was wrong – it was hot and muggy….hah….maybe we’d be able to walk without fear of the forecasted thunderstorm! We walked west to avoid the roar of race cars at the Ex., out to the quiet gazebo by the lake. A few of us wistfully were wishing for some rain to cool us off, but we never expected the torrential downpour that greeted us along the Lakeshore.

Those walking further than 13.5k were the craziest….continuing to walk, knowing the likelihood of thunderstorms. Some were crazier and wetter than others.

I’d like to remind everyone that while our schedule may say that you should walk a certain distance on a particular day….please use common sense. Don’t walk in a thunderstorm, or with an injury if walking makes it worse…We’re in this for the long haul, and want many more days of ‘walking the distance’. Plan to walk a shorter distance, or at a slower pace if at all, if you’re injured or walk on another day or at a different time if the forecast is obviously bad. Our schedule has many weeks of high mileage – you can take a break.

Enough said!

The forecast is looking lovely for Tuesday night…Thursday too. Come out and join us – if you’re in town.

P.S. Diane wonders if anyone by mistake picked up her hat at the Grendier on Sat. morning.

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